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Written for entrepreneurs, corporate management and investors, John D. Sanders expands on his philosophies of making companies attractive for outside capital - why to do it, how to do it, when to do it, how to promote it, and what to do with it.

Jul 28, 2020

Topics, References, Articles, and Stories

  1. $50 Leather Bound Family Bible
  2. I said "Maybe" and that's Final -- More Streets and A Big World
  3. Bag of Solutions Looking For Problems
  4. Bringing in an Outsider for Cross-Pollination 
  5. Five Minute Interviews - One a Failure, One a Total Success
  6. If You Leave, I have to replace you with an expensive teacher
  7. Get Your Degree, and Then Learn What You Want

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Business Consultant, Investor, and Technology Advocate.

In the provision of Management Consulting for Entrepreneurs, I design sound business plans I find worth investing In. With several decades of background in investment banking, strategic planning, and technology growth, whether you're handling one million or seventy million, I'm here to help.