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Written for entrepreneurs, corporate management and investors, John D. Sanders expands on his philosophies of making companies attractive for outside capital - why to do it, how to do it, when to do it, how to promote it, and what to do with it.

Sep 28, 2020

So this morning, I thought we would talk a little bit differently than we've been talking about in our previous weeks. I'm going to talk about charity and its relationship to business.

They are tied together because first of all if you don't have a good environment to do business in, you can't do good business.


Sep 8, 2020

John Sanders talks about the "The Digital Divide" and the difference between teachers who basically have to start a new career to learn how to teach in this pandemic digital world, and the students who can adapt quickly to digital and remote learning.

And John Biethan asks “Why not have the government recruit some of...